Saturday, 2 February 2013


Shape: Sugarskull - Kendra Shape -  499L$ (Note: All shapes are  mod/ copy/ no transfer and there are no demos offered)
Top: Sugarskull - Kiss -  Group Gift
Bracelets: Sugarskull - Skull Bangels - Group Gift

So Sugarskull has just opened and I decided to check it out and I am glad that I did. They have at least 5 group gifts (group is free to join) as well as some gifts for those who are 30 days or under and they have a few Rezz Day gifts too which I haven't seen else were. 

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Pimp My Valentine Hunt....Number Three

Skin: Flawless - Brianna Skin otp 2 - Hunt Gift
Dress: SHIKI  - Blossoms - Spring - Hunt Gift
Heart Tattoo:  Half Deer - Tattoo Red - Hunt Gift
Poses: By myself (not for sale)

Thursday, 24 January 2013

[AlterEgo] Presents BlackOut '13

Tuesday, Feb. 12th
[midnight to midnight]

24 hour sale exclusive to AlterEgo VIPS only!
Toxxic Sim will be closed down to VIP access!!! [not open to the public]
AlterEgo will be 25% off
Exclusive apparel, only available at BlackOut'13!
FREEbies, Dollabies, & more!
Live DJs around the clock!
AlterEgo Store Credit GiveAways
Tons of FREE , TONS of lag - loads of fun!!!!

✖Group ID : [Toxxic] VIP
Yes, Fee is required, currently 500L but will increase the day of the sale.

Last year sim traffic was over 63k, this is our Biggest Event of the year,
people skipped church to attend ... this a whopper!

AlterEgo - Crush - Skankaholic - Clusterphuk under 1 roof! Possibly more stores tba!

Official Page:

Elikatira - 70% off Retirement Sale!!!!

Hair photo 1: Elikatira  - Listen (Rich Browns Pack) Brown 09  - 75L$
Hair photo 2: Elikatira  - Sound (Rainbow Pack) Colour 02 - 75L$

Elikatira is having a 70% off ALL items in store! All single hair packs are 75L$ where as all hair Fatpacks are just 421L$. Below is the colour chart for which covers each pack and of course the Fatpack colours. This sale will be from the 23rd January through till 23rd Febuary so don't worry if you have no L$ right now you have a whole month to check out this amazing sale!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

In The Midnight Garden...

Dress and LeggingsBedazzle Designs - Drama - 100L$
ShoesLoLa Creations - xmas gift part 1 of 2 - was a free group gift over Christmas (not sure if available now)
Pose in 1st photo: By myself (not available to buy)
Poses in 2nd photo: -no wow- - filter girl   -  Free subscriber gift (part of Smile For Me pack)

Monday, 21 January 2013

So much time....

DressBedazzle Designs - Time Consuming - 100L$
Shoes: Style X - Boots Brown w/ Gray Socks - 200L$
Pose: Photo1:  Lost Angel - Sugarbabe #9 - 50L$
Photo 2:  Imeka - Emi Pose 6 - 25L$

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Winter Wounderland

TopSakide  -  Lounge Cardigan Blue  -  120L$ (ground floor)
JeansSakide  -  Vintage Shiny Jeans Floral  - 100L$ (third floor) 

Pimp My Valentine Hunt...Number Two

Top: kokane - Valentine Top Mesh - hunt gift ( 0L$ )
Jeans, Shoes and leg warmersShadow Moon - Valentine Warmth - hunt gift (0L$ )
Rings:Baubles - pimp'd Dogtag big heart (left in the picture) small heart (right in the picture) - hunt gift ( 0L$ )

Pimp My Valentine Hunt.......First post of many

Top:  Rotten Apple - Love V Tee - hunt gift ( 0L$ )
Skirt: Wunderland - Valentine Mini Skirt - hunt gift ( 0L$ )

As the title says this is the first post of many that I will be posting for this hunt. So far I'm enjoying it and finding some cool new stores.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Pimp My Valentine Hunt

So we are half way through January and valentine is just around the corner and the whole of SL is getting ready to celebrate valentines day. I know that I am looking to get a new outfit for a few parties and I found this hunt a few months ago and have been waiting for it to start. Well it has started, 4 days ago to be exact! Over them four days I have been hunting for the items and so far I am loving the items which are being offered in this hunt.

You can get a HUD which is attached at the bottom of your screen and each location is shaped like a small pink pill and numbered from 1 - 103. Yes there are 103 amazing gifts in this hunt and I am only at number 40 currently, I have a lot of work ahead of me. Luckily the hunt doesn't finish till 15th February so I think I will have time to get most if not all of them and post a few of the items I get here for you all to see. 

Anyway once you click on a pill you will get the location in local chat (I found its helpful to keep it open while doing this hunt as I normally have mine closed). Once you are at the location hind the ad (pictured above) and click the small heart (it might be at a different location on the ad (i.e at the top, in a corner etc. so its easier for you to click on) which will give you the hint for that location. Each item is free just clck it and then go to buy! 

I will be posting some of the things I already have over the next few days so keep a look out for them.

LoLa Creations new group dollarbie and AMD awesome heels

Hair:   >TRUTH<  -  Izzy (mesh hair) dark browns pack (wearing w/roots - mocha) - 250L$

OutfitLoLa Creations  -  Love - Dollarbie ( 1L$ )

Poses:    Photo 1 :  Imeka -  Emi pose 6 - 25L$
Photo 2 :   Imeka  -  Bunny Gift pose 2 - Dollarbie ( 1L$ )

Shoes:  AMD  - Wild Child Pink - 225L$     

The shoes by AMD are available both in store on the marketplace (here) in four colours (pink, black, yellow and purple) and as you can see look amazing on and well worth the 225L$ in my opinion. As for LoLa Creations, I love every time I go to her store as there is always something new there and I always end up buy at least 1 item, even when I don't mean or want to buy anything new!

Over all both LoLa Creation and AMD are two of my most visited stores if I am looking to get a new item that will go with something I already have. If you haven't been to either store I highly recommend them both!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

U.One sale pt.3

Top:  U.One  -  Candy top P  -  Dollarbie ( 1L$ )

U.One sale pt.2

Top:  U.One  - Stark Top Vest  -  19L$
Shorts:  U.One - Caliente Short  -  Freebie

U.One sale pt.1

U.One is having a sale everything is 30L$ or less!! here is some things that you can snap up.

Dress:  U.One -  Podrinha T-shirt Dress 3  - 15L$

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Fifty off Fashion \ Weekend number 2 \ 11th -13th Jan 2013

Fifty off Fashion is an outlet mall where select designers put up 2-4 items the mall all priced 50L$ or less! It runs from Friday to Sunday every weekend and hosts some good quality and well known designers from all over SL so why not pick up a bargin! Here is a glimpse in to what's on offer this weekend.

Outfit:  ^Wicked sin Creations^  -  Day Outfit - 50L$ @  Fifty off Fashion
Bracelets:  Baubles!  -  Baubles! by Phe IrridescentScalesBaub! (PurpleRainbow) - 40L$ @  Fifty off Fashion

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Relaxing before the rush

Jacket: KoKo - Short Leather Jacket - Group Gift
Bottoms: Bamboo Dreams - Bamboo Dreams Baggy Pants - 1L$ @Market place

.:: Designer Circle ::.

The 45th Collection starts now ! This collection takes place two weeks and is available from 7. January - 19. January 2013 . We offer Designer Fashion & Accessories  for discounted Prices between 50 and 100 L$. 

TopToxic High - Sex  Symbols Tank - 30L$ 

Skirt*KL* KiKi Fetish Clothing - KiKi 2011 -- Naughty Princess Skirt - group gift

Shoes:  Hollyhood - Holly Mesh Black Zebra Cutie Boots - 99L$ @   .::.Designer Circle ::.

Shape:   *ANNA SHAPES*  - Vanessa -  80L$ @  .:: Designer Circle ::.

Poses:  {Co*Motion)    -  Middle photo:   Wall*Flower 4
Bottom photo: Wall*Flower 5 - (5 poses in 1 pack) -  100L$ @ .;; Designer Circle ::.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Hair: Magika  -  Christmas Group Gift
Dress and Boots: [AlterEgo]  -  January Group Gift