Contact Me

The best way to contact me if you would like my to blog your designs is to send me a NoteCard in-world, my SL name is lissa darkfire (nekokawaii22), as stated below at the blog. I like to have a look  into the store that wants me to blog for them, as I do reserve the right to blog what fits my personal style and the theme of this blog.

I reserve the right to not blog some of the items that are being sent to me.I set this blog up as a hobby and not as a full time job so I can get swamped with new designs from designers and I might not be able to blog an item you may have sent me especially if someone sends me something new to blog about every other day.

Please Note:

If I don't get to blogyour item that was put in my inventory, I will delete it from my inventory as a sign of respect to you as a designer for you hard work. If I don't blog it, I don't keep it. I know some people are trying to use "being a blogger" to steal original and creative items designers make, I am not one of those.

If you have sent me an item to blog about please give me a week to put it in my blog.

If you decide to send me items to blog about please include the name of your store and the date you sent the item to me, so I can keep my inventory in order and I know who to credit and link the items to.

I would like to thank all the designers who have let me feature them in this blog. I  see it as an honour that you are letting me blog about your items and creations. I really appreciate this. Thank you.