Saturday, 21 April 2012

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Fashioncentric Hi5 hunt 9

Dress:   Nilsy  - Draped red dress with metal - Hi5 hunt
Shoes:  I Aleida I - Xia ballerina  - Hi5 hunt

Fashioncentric Hi5 hunt 8

Outfit:  Camilla's - Clare - Hi5 hunt
Shoes: .::[HTxDZ]::.  - Year of the dragon - Hi5 hunt

Fashioncentric Hi5 hunt 7

Outfit: Inga Wind Clothing - Trixie in purple - Hi5 hunt (boots included)
Skin: .:WoW Skins:. - Amal Skin peach day mk. - Hi5 hunt

Friday, 6 April 2012

Fashioncentric hi5 hunt 6

Bikini: Elefantu - Summer summer time bkini - hi5 hunt

Hair: >Truth< - Marrie Streaked (treacle) - group gift

Fashioncentric hi5 hunt number 5

 Outfit (inculdes bracelets): *~> Kruemelz Design <~* - Cute Jeans Outfit Pink - hi5 hunt

Skin: Dulce Secrets - Kairi Sangria Bikini - hi5 hunt

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The Little Bird of Many Colors Hunt is open for store/designer apps!!

The Little Bird of Many Colors Hunt is based off a story.
"The tiny bird flies in the blue sky, traveling to all the different worlds gathering the colors in her wings."
This hunt is based off this little story.
All the stores have The option to pick their item to be a certain color, or they can make an item off the colors of the rainbow.
The organizers will be only accepting 60 stores for this hunt! You can find more information on how to join can be found here. 
There theme will be based on the colours of the rainbow or something which is rainbow in colour. 
 You can also follow their blog here.
I can't wait for this to star, it should be a good hunt to do.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Club Blasphemy photo contest - pize L$1,000!!!!

Where: Club Blasphemy
Theme: It will be using your profile photo / no theme
Starts: 1st April 2012
Ends:  16th April 2012
Prize:  L$1,000 !!!!!
Entry cost: L$50
Votes: L$10 per vote

Club Blasphemy are holding a photo contest using your profile photo. You can get all your friends and family to vote for you and they can vote as many times as they like throughout the contest! The cost to enter is L$50 which isn't that much especially if you win. The board (see photo below) is outside the club enterance and it huge so you can't miss it!

Also Club Blasphemy have just put out some carts/stalls which are avaible to rent for L$25 a week with a 25 prim limit. So if your looking for somewhere cheap to rent with a lot of traffic then go and check them out before they are all let out!!!!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Fashioncentrice hi5 hunt preview 4

Outfit: Tw@ty C@ke  - Suspended top gold and jeans - Fashioncentirc hi5 hunt

Fashioncentric hi5 hunt preview 3

Top: [FIEND]  - Toxxik belted vest Red - Fashioncentric hi5 hunt  (comes in blue, green and red)
Bottom: [FIEND] - Capri leggings - Fashioncentirc hi5 hunt

Make up/face tattoo - House of Elliot - scull and tear tattoo - Fashioncentric hi5 hunt (also contains just the tear tatoo)